For a beautiful soul

We were never that close,

Never always saw eye to eye,

Never shared much apart from two things:

The fact that we both love God and multiple classrooms in our school days,

I lost my grandma two months ago,

And now we’ve all lost you.


Samantha, it’s hard to believe you’re actually gone,

But I know you’re resting now,

So I guess it’s true when they said life is temporary,

And the people who feel the pain the most are the living,

I guess God needed His angel back.


Although you never knew,

You were an inspiration to me,

Despite all you were going through you kept on smiling,

Almost annoyed us all the time,

But you kept on singing,

Kept on praising,

Kept on believing,

Kept on loving life,

Whilst we kept on focusing on our wants and needs,

Going by our day to day lives,

When you had so much to worry about.


You were a true demonstration of what faith and beauty means


Brave, pleasant, harmless and kind,

You were special,

Earth has been lucky enough to be,

Touched with your presence,

Rest in perfect peace,

In our hearts you’re always with us.


Space Invader








You came into my life

And caused confusion

Messed with my emotions
Hurt me 3 times over
Space invader
Overtaking my emotions and making me
Fall for you
Space invader
Interrupting my speech
All I seemed to talk about was you

I tried to make Disneyland
Fairytales, my reality
Holding onto falsity

Mind games- you were the champion
Your thoughts… to me were

Space invader
You were a Martian
In a human’s disguise
Trying to take over
Grace’s world

Got me thinkin;
“Ah maan leave me alone!”
Tugging on me
Playing puppet master on my heart strings

No more is that gonna be
Cause I depend on me

Buh-bye space invader
I won’t be seeing you anymore.

Copyright © 2012 by Grace Olubi

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Birds & Bees

I like to fly away to a place
Where no one can hurt me

Capture me and use me to partake in a feast
I like to fly towards beauty
It generates sweetness out
From the centre of itself
I create

Sweet sounds release as I
Open my beak
I awaken my neighbours
Musical notes ascend into the
I immigrate into a new environment
Every time there’s a weather change
It’s that time of season

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Statistics (Harsh Reality)

So many young girls

Loosing themselves
Abusing themselves
Looking for attention, searching for love in the wrong places

Submitting to lust
Pregnant dependant on a guy for trust

Low self esteem
Resulting in self-harm
Causing the ones they love alarm

Young girls getting into the wrong relationships
Longing for companionship
Resulting in breakups
Their smile becomes their make up

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Reminiscing On What I Never Had

I miss your beautiful smile
Your soft lips- that danced with mine
To the song that my body was singing
Your touch
That made me tremble
Made me shiver
So overwhelming that I would

Your brown eyes
They’d bring confidence and stare at me
Like the last girl on earth
Your aroma- addictive like a high
Doasage of drugs

Your laugh
To me

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Freedom – Life Is A Gift

Freedom I feel it runnin’ through
My veins
Its beauty and radiance
So pure and delightful
A word that has her own history
Who stands for dignity
Power beyond any earthly

So alive it blows around us
Like the wind
Freedom from slavery
No longer a victim to the chains
That once enslaved me
Freedom, from Christ, is what
Saved me

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